The MicroLink dLAN Audio is a device to transport audio signals over your power grid. The dLAN Audio Server is a software which can simulate a dLAN Audio device. It can provide multiple audio streams for your MicroLink dLAN Audio adapters.

Introduction Logo

Within a typical dLAN Audio setup you would use two dLAN Audio adapters. One as the sound source and one as the drain which can be attached to an amplifier or active speakers. You can also exchange one of the adapters by a simple dLAN adapter and use a software as the sound source or drain. Any kind of http mp3 streaming capable audio player can be a drain for the sound i.e. Winamp or the Windows Media Player. The manufacturer devolo also provides plugins for these two, so that you can use them as a sound source. However the provided plugins are restricted to serve only one channel at a time.

The dLAN Audio Server software can serve up to 4 channels in parallel. The definition of the channel content is fairly easy: You simply have to provide a mp3 playlist for each channel. Furthermore the content of the playlists can be played in the order of appearance or in shuffle mode.

What you need

You need a few things to use the dLAN Audio Server software:

  • To use the dLAN Audio Server software you need at least one MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter of course. Surely you can use more than one MicroLink dLAN Audio adapter in parallel.
  • Additionally you need one dLAN adapter to get access to your PC.
  • Your PC will be your media server and should be running on Linux. Currently Linux is the only supported operating system, but this may change to a wider range of supported systems in future.
  • You need some mp3 files.

... thats it, enjoy your mp3 music all around your house.